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medical center to what's now known as the walter reed national medical center at bethesda. pretty challenging the cultures that exist there, you have cultures that exist here, you are speaking about cultural differences between the military and its hierarchy of command and control and the civilian command and control and figuring out the two greatest things you need in the chaos of disaster. no. 1, communications. no. 2, who's in charge. i dealt with a lot of cultural issues when i was combining the army and the navy medical forces between walter reed and bethesda. america's army is an amazingly heroic army. they have occupied valley forge , tokyo, berlin, danang and now it occupies bethesda, maryland, but we're working through that. how do we break those cultural barriers, how do we figure out supporting supporters, how do we do that before the next capacity goes on? so what have we done, what capabilities do we bring, where do we use them and how will they be playing a role here in the event of the most likely nightmare scenarios for this area? i grew up in the bay area, i h
at bethesda. southbound at cedar lane one lane squeezes by to the right. but they continue the repairs there. an apple crashed westbound 50 near route 2. the left lane still blocked each way here crash clean-up there. virginia drivers it's been 95 northbound hung up near the occoquan with a crash on the left side. the delays near the prince william parkway. heading north of lorton though into springfield. everything open on 395. back to you. >>> last half hour we gave you a rare glimpse inside the science behind the field sobriety tests. what officers look for and how it all works. >> now we look at the science in action as the officers and our cameras leave the lab and hit the roads. delia goncalves has the exclusive ridealong with park police and this was really interesting. >> reporter: you know, when i spoke to park police during the day, they said these are the signs and this is what we see. we literally saw it all on the roads when we were out with them. this is the holiday season and so certainly very busy for them. unfortunately, when you take a look at this video, it is rare but it
the other tractor-trailer back on its wheels. reporting live in bethesda, abc7 news. >> thanks so much. new this noon, prince william county police investigating an assault at a woodbridge mattel. they were called last evening an econolodge. she says she was forced into a room at knifepoint. she was then knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted. >> one person hospitalized after an overnight fire at a luxury condominium complex in alexandria. the fire broke out just after 5:30 this morning on south washington the street just stop of old town. the fire was caused by carton's coming in to close to a halogen libel. -- like dole a. five people hospitalized after a fire in springfield. you can see this footage. they were able to put out the fire and shot off the gas leak. no injuries were reported. >> returning to d.c. to discuss the fire that took the life of a published author. he was the chief compliance officer for the u.s. agency for international development. >> a gun scare at robinson secondary school yesterday at. administrators are not saying what led them to search a student from a lo
down. beltway in bethesda, looking okay. incidents involving a tractor- trailer with the far right lane blocked before the exit for 270. the beltway 201, in the loop construction has been wrapped up leaving college park. outer loop still has some construction. the cautious approach in any construction site. virginia beltway on schedule. northbound 95 out of newington, quiet. back to you. >> thank you. let's turn to the developing story on the outer beltway. a tractor-trailer has overturned at the 270 spur. they will need to turn it up right. we are told it's likely to take well into the rush hour. we will continue to monitor this. >> one person went to the hospital with minor injuries after a fire at a luxury condominium complex in alexandria. the fire started around 12:30 in the unit on south washington street, south of old town. one apartment had severe damage. residence were briefly evacuated. no word on the cause. >> students will return to a fairfax county school after a frightening discovery. parents were told a gun was found inside a student's locker at robinson secondary school.
, the point of concern in bethesda water main repairs are continuing southbound on 355 at cedar lane right near navy -- what we used to call navy med. walter reed and nih. wssc says the crew will be there at least a couple of hours from now into the morning rush hour. a complete look at the traffic coming up in just a few minutes. back to you jessica. >>> thank you beverly. the time right now is 4:41 and i'm watching your money. fingers crossed. maybe we can turn things around today. wall street has been down for four trading sessions in a row. yesterday, stocks did actually get into positive territory briefly after lawmakers in the house announced they planned to meet sunday to discuss the fiscal cliff. congress and the white house now have less than a week to resolve that impasse. but here's where we ended up. checking the numbers for you -- >>> individual investors pulled $150 billion out of the stock market for the third year in a row. but institutional investors, the hedge funds, the pension funds, they're actually adding to their stock positions. they're poured more than $80 billion
, in the highlands. highs today around 40 degrees. now, steve >> . there's a problem in bethesda. this is southbound at 355 /wisconsin avenue, cedar lane. you have to squeeze by to the right to get through. you can get by the water main break. it's not a heavy volume. when rush-hour starts to build this could be a major slow start. they will be there a couple hours. 355 at cedar lane that work continues. the springfield interchange, moving smoothly. lighter than usual volume on 95. from dumphries to dale city and on to a 395 and the 14th street bridge, no problems. the toll road at 28 moving smoothly. very little traffic. starting off well. back to you. >> thank you. a developing story from new york city. investigators are looking into the second subway death this month in the city. a man died after a woman puts him in front of a train. witnesses told police she was following the man and mumbling just before the incident. surveillance cameras captured her running from the station. >> this has happened twice this month. they need to slow the train down to about 15 miles an hour coming into the statio
. >> they are cranking out division champ t-shirts. that is what this band was in search of today in bethesda. -- this van was in search of debate in bethesda. >> it is awesome. -- this fan was in search of today in bethesda. >> it is awesome. >> the countdown is on to the playoffs. tonight, at the big question -- are there any tickets around and how much are you willing to pay tax? >> we have the answer to that question. there are no tickets are around. the redskins announced that tickets to next sunday's game against the seahawks are sold out. it will be that first place came since 1999. how are the prices compared to other cities hosting playoff games? we will do some comparison shopping. save your money. the only people more excited than the fans about the playoffs or the players. we will have team reaction to the big win yesterday and a look ahead to sunday. >> new developments on the university of virginia accreditation warning. a group that represents trustees and alumni once the department of education to investigate. they contend the southern association of schools commission overste
. -- all fine. 270 right around montrose outside bethesda is where we're seeing the busiest ride which is to say it's not very busy. you'll find cars spread out there. 270 really looks good all the way out to frederick heading in towards germantown. and through through rockville and bethesda. that's your latest timesaver traffic. back to the news desk and andrea. >> thanks, liz. >>> demonstrators marched over new york city's brooklyn bridge last night. they want tighter gun laws in the country. several hundred people are said to have participated in the march. carrying candles, they stopped in the middle ever the bridge to read the names of the children and adults killed at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. the school shooting has prompted renewed debate about gun control. legislators and the nra stood their ground on sunday morning talk shows. jessica doyle is here with the latest. good morning, jess. >> good morning to you, andrea. of course good morning to everybody at home. we definitely are seeing the drumbeat for tougher gun controls getting louder in the wake of cours
repreships last night. southbound in bethesda at cedar lane and the long-term work zone, one lane squeezed by to the right. old georgetown road might be a better bet heading into bethesda earl year this morning. back to you. >>> thank you. so what's the holiday season without the holiday parties? police want to warn drivers not to get behind the wheel if they've been drinking. >> it is definitely worth repeating because it can save lives. this morning we're going to break some of the popular drinking myths to help keep your alcohol intake under control. delia goncalves has been working on the story, really interesting. she gave me a sneak peek of the video yesterday. >> reporter: it's incredible video and all morning long we're going to introduce folks to what park police are doing this weekend to kind of crack down on this kind of activity. but these myths i didn't make them up. and i'm not breaking the myths let's just get that straight. these are coming from trained experts within the park police. the first myth? drinking on an empty stomach will get you more drunk. we all think so. wel
, a ceo who gets awards across the country for building bethesda-based eaglebank as one of the fastest i in the nationon. the ceo ron paul was named community banker of the year this year by american banker magazine. he was o of this yeyear's inducts into the washington business hall of fame. i spoke to him recently about his climb to the top. ron paul, welcome to "washington business report." you have been receiving a lot of different awards in addition to being inducted into the hall of fame by junior achievement this year. also received community banker of the year from american banker, a big national recognitioion. your colleague mercedes said it reflects on the entire bank. what does this say about eaglebank right now? >> i think mercedes is absolutely right. the people we associate with the -- of the people we have at thehe banks are so committed to what we have been able to accomplish. we need leadership which i and the board of directors provide but the 400 people who work for us help us accomplish what we have been able to. >> what are some of the things american bankers saw in
't moving very fast. this was the scene on the outer loop at the i-270 split in bethesda this morning when a tractor trailer carrying pineapples, really, overturned. it took hours for the crews to transfer the entire load of fruit and haul the truck away. >>> so, you know, the weekend is coming up which, of course, means there is a commuter alert for metro riders. five stations on the red line will be closed from friday night at 10:00 through sunday for track work. they are the tacoma, silver -- takoma, silver spring, wheat on and glenn station. on the green line buses will run between the archives and waterfront stations and on the yellow line there will be no service between the archive and ft. totten stations. >>> fight for all d.c.! >> redskins fans no doubt could sing at least part of that song are but most of them probably don't know -- song, but most of them probably don't know the song that could have been lost to history. we'll explain. >> up next a traumatizing ordeal for a hotel clerk who was lured to a vacant room. >>> this is a 9 news fiscal cliff note. >> fact, unemployment c
. coming up in my next report, i'll also explain a situation going on in bethesda on the beltway at 6:18. back to you guys. >>> thursday morning cool schools time is here. we this morning are learning what science tastes like. the students in d.c. did their lab work on location. they went to a place where molecules and a master chef made for a tasty lesson. >> reporter: love the taste of hot peppers but not the heat? a little chemistry in the kitchen with make that happen. this gadget is called a roto evaporator. >> basically what we're doing is we have lady bug peppers so we're extracting all the flavor without the heat. >> reporter: chef rj not only knows how to tempt the taste buds. >> try that. sour. super sour, right? >> reporter: he and his team know the science behind it, too, and they're sharing their knowledge with fifth graders from two rivers charter school in d.c. >> do you have to use chem stray in cooking? >> reporter: yes. they're on a chemistry expedition and they came armed with questions. >> what does freezing food do to the at toms and molecules which cause it to ge
of silver spring into bethesda. quiet on 270. no problems for commuters headed around the beltway across the american legion bridge and into virginia. the overnight construction over there has been wrapped up on time. but in its quiet coming in from the west. back to you. >> thank you. students will be back in a fairfax school for the first time since finding out a classmate brought a gun to school, found in a locker at robinson secondary school. brianne carter has more on how parents are taking the news. >> some parents say there were not notified about this until we were here last night talking to some parents to get their reaction. the school said they did e-mail a letter to parents to notify them about this incident. it is a scare. a gun was found inside a locker at the school. parents say that they were concerned about not learning about it any earlier. officials are not saying what prompted them to assert the locker for the gun. the weapon was quickly confiscated. school spokesperson said there was never any imminent danger to any of the students. >> i am happy that they did find i
's a change. police arriving to the scene of on the beltway in bethesda. looking at the outer loop westbound leaving silver spring 270.eaded to they are trying to get some cars over to the left shoulder. activity in the center. that will slow was down. already seeing delays coming pass to georgia avenue and before you avenue to 270. back to you. >> thank you. 5:44. we're getting another chance to gifts.e of the hottest >> giving you a chance to win u deluxe set.wii enter by 5:00 p.m. thursday and announce a winner friday morning here on "good morning ."shington >> looking at 49 degrees. >> the world's oldest woman has died less than two weeks after >> the world's oldest woman has died less than two weeks after inheriting[ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology that acts fast and helps control cravings all day long. ♪ quit one day at a time with nicorm cq. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night
mccarthy has been teaching alternatives to violence for 30 years. his students at bethesda chevy chase made this tribute video and posted it on youtube. he says you have to teach alternatives to violence early. >> if we took peace education early, every student through elementary school, middle school, high school, colleges would offer these courses as basic parts of our education system. >> reporter: like you start teaching math in the first grade. >> it's the same principle. if you taught peace education, maybe the boy would not be so interested in violent video games. >> reporter: or perhaps in expressing anger and frustration by murdering innocent children. gary nurenberg, 9news. >>> it is 4:51. a new study finds radio waves may be an effective way to control high blood pressure. research published in the journal circulation looked at patients who weren't responding to medication. it found that directing radio waves of the nerves around the kidneys lowered blood pressure for at least six months. more than 78 million americans battle high blood pressure which could be a major risk factor
parking lots in bethesda. security helped to direct traffic and even some police officers had a little fun doing it. if you still had shopping to do, can you expect plenty of company. it's one of the last shopping days before the big day and probably going to be one of the busiest, too. and things are already bustling, derrick? >> if you get here anytime soon, you will see something you probably won't see later in the day. that's opened parking spaces. there are cars more here than you would see on a typical sunday, but this is not a typical sunday, it's the last sunday before christmas and a time for weekend shoppers to do their last bit of weekend shopping. this is a good indication for business. last year, things were about the same, but we talked to somebody from marketing here, and they tell us there's a different crowd. these people seem more willing to spend money and more willing to shop, and a lot of stores are willing to take advantage of that by offering some of the black friday sales, and so it's a good time to get out of here if you have that last-minute item to pick up. there
and now down in bethesda and quite often seeing amazing heroes with their limbs blown off and making a life with themselves and their families and plenty of heroes, and teachers and so forth, and you're right out of washington we've allowed our government to create a lead weight of debt that brings us down, down, down, instead of great things and turned over the rush shins and chinese and surrendered our enormous lead in the space program because of other indebtedness. it's heart breaking that this whole enormous adventure of outer space has now passed from the united states to other countries. it's just a heartache. >> do you think, charles payne, that we could have done what we did in the states and even initiated a race, if we had the debt, if we do now back then? >> 16 trillion? i, you know, it would have been a lot tougher to push it through. i do want to get back to what adam was saying. there's a big difference between being a public servant to your constituents to america, and being this servant to an agenda or an ideology. i applaud like charlie gasperino barack obama's succ
that was-- i will say, look. >> in bethesda likes you very much. >> and i have no problem helping people with existing programs and shouldn't be confusing, difficult or hard to find. the problem so many of us as people would qualify for them. so less of the country needs to be eligible for benefits, but those that are should have an easy path through a youtube site or whatever to get their benefits as long as it's not everybody. >> brenda: now, toby, jonas has your lines now, but go ahead. >> i know, friends with benefit, knock, knock, hello. and the path to benefits, the way he said it, for him is sounds like, should say the path to your entitlements. now, we have 55% of the people who are on, you know, some form already of wealth transfer in the united states. if we're on the path and think our debt is going down. people on medicare now, if you graduate 120,000 in 350,000 in berths. the difference between that, we borrow, and the 20 ways to qualify for 100, 200,000 medicare that you didn't pay in, that scares me. >> brenda: susan. >> you know, a lot of these problems can really be posi
. beverly? >>> good morning olga. the ride for folks that may be heading on to nih into bethesda. water main repairs in the ongoing long-term work zone. southbound 355 one lane squeezes by along the right side. we're not sure how much longer the crews are going to be in place. overnight construction on the toll road for folks heading in past route 7 one lane able to get by there. 95 though the lanes are open heading up to springfield. the crash last night on the inner loop ramp go to south on 95 has been cleared up. 95 heading up past the beltway to landmark everything open to the 14th street bridge. what was left of the earlier vehicle fire on the outer loop in prince george's county is completely been reinvolved and open and you're -- resolved and open and you're good. mike, jessica back to you. >>> thank you. president obama and congress got back to work yesterday trying to find some sort of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. there were signs of both hope and discouragement as both sides agreed the talk. >> back to work is relative when you call it work and what seems top a pattern both si
into montgomery county. back to the water main work which is on 355 southbound at cedar lane with in bethesda. traffic is squeezing by to the right. brief delays in the work is done. this could be what that -- with us for a couple of hours. >> when maryland lawmakers meet next month they will tackle a series of issues, including whether the soft shell crabs and which should be the official said which -- state sandwich. richard colbern says the promotion of the maryland delicacy would help the restaurant business and crowds in the eastern shore community. stella had the year -- still ahead, the year 2012 coming to a close.
unpacking shipments of brand new nfc east champion merchandise. in bethesda they had t-shirts hats, and tennis. store managers tell us they had several calls from eager redskins fans before they even open this morning. the team has been on its winning streak the burgundy and gold apparel has been flying off store shelves. folks have had no problem showing their pride and shelling out money to do so. at this t-shirt-printing company in lanham, maryland, the t- shirts are coming right off the presses. these went into printing early this morning. the artwork was finished saturday night before the game was over. after last night's victory employees quickly went to work to get the shirts printed and shipped out. these t-shirts is licensed by the nfl players association./ it features recorded vaccination robert griffin but also highlights several other players including fletcher evan moss moss, and morris. >> r.g. iii would say it's about the team. he would probably like this shirt. >> these t-shirts and you see will be available at the sports zone and giant grocery stores across d.c., m
, windy saturday at the mall. we're going to show you the scene at westfield, montgomery, ball in bethesda. long lines, a lot of traffic and very few parking spaces. thankfully there was some help on hand to keep things moving smoothly, complete with some dance moves as well as a good sense of humor there and time is running out for all you procrastinators out there. but a lot of stores have extended hours over the next few days. some are even staying open around the clock until christmas eve. darcy spencer is live tonight at tyson's corner where there are still some people shopping at this hour, two minutes after 11:00, darcy. >> reporter: that's right. this assignment wasn't too bad because we got to spend most of our evening inside the mall where it was nice and warm. i was in macy's here just a few minutes ago checking out the scene. no personal shopping, of course. it is still packed inside there. people looking for these super saturday deals. for some shoppers we talked to today, it was an all-day affair. tyson's corner is packed with shoppers just three days before christmas. gayle
. it will be a slow process. 46 in rockville, bethesda, 45 in fair fax, 48 college park, 47 bowie, colder but not for long. you'll need a coat tonight, sunglasses tomorrow, a little milder friday and warmer over the weekend. i just looked at some new information. we may actually be in better shape saturday and sunday which means temperatures are the same with less of a chance of a shower, nice deal. next three days our 9 weather alerts are green, chilly tomorrow, 57, milder saturday, 63, maybe a sprinkle, a fair amount of clothes. redskins and ravens at fedex sunday. new inform shows most of the sprinkles -- new information shows most of the sprinkles and showers up along the maryland border. showers definitely monday, colder tuesday and wednesday but nothing crazy. >> you are the man, top. >>> we've got an update now on a story we've been following. late last night the d.c. council rejected a plan that would have authorized red top parking meters for handicapped drivers. that bill would have required drivers to pay for that parking, but that bill died in a vote that ended tied 6-6. >>> w
bethesda. still 50 in fairfax. looking at 50 in arlington and 50 in college park and bowie. so staying mild but fog tonight. use your low beams. a wet evening commute for many tonight. so we have the drizzle. it's going to continue. a wet morning commute for some. and still mild on tuesday. now by midnight, you see the showers d.c. north. see the yellows and the oranges? that's heavier activity right along the boarder. that pulls on out very quickly. we're actually left with a pretty nice tuesday in the afternoon. it will be kind of cool or feel a little cooler because of the wind. so next three days 9 weather alerts are green, green, yellow. morning shower, 58. gorgeous on wednesday, 54. late rain on thursday so the evening commute on thursday could be a problem. temperatures in the mid-50s. next seven days, when that front goes through thursday, we're going to be reminded that yes, we are in december. a little colder on friday and saturday. in the low 40s, mid- to upper 40s on sunday. ravens in town, fine. we're in philadelphia. , fine. mid-40s for monday which is, you know, christmas eve
is in bethesda with a look at how things are looking right now. >> reporter: good morning. as we heard from veronica, it's mainly going to be an event that's going to be felt on the roads. if you take a look behind me, this sort of says it all. crews have been out at the ready. i've seen some trucks out treating the roadways. right now, temperatures here seem to be above freezing, so you're not going to have much of an issue. obviously, there's nothing falling. that doesn't create a system or a purpose for them to go out on the roads. but they are ready. if you do happen to go out, that's what you should look for, especially before the sun comes up, as temperature may drop again. we understand they are going to rise. again, just a matter of being careful and driving. you know, that's adequate for whatever conditions you encounter once you get out on the road. places north and west of us may see heavier precipitation than those close? but just be aware of what's on the roads. these crews are out here to help you so if any precipitation does fall, it will be treated. we're live in montgomery
day. average highs now 50. today for a change this month below average. 31 this morning in bethesda and college park. it's 29 for bowie while upper marlboro 34. out to the west, fairfax county just about everybody below freezing now over to arlington 32. we have 32 in leesburg and also haymarket. outside on our michael & son weather camera, this is wisconsin in northwest d.c. nice and quiet and dry on this thursday morning with clear skies. national 36. they have one of the higher winds at 12 miles an hour out of the north so the windchill there feels like 28 this morning. that barometer 30.34. temperature trend tells the story. while we have a shoft cold air, look at -- shot of cold air, look at the highs. chicago near 50, 60 in st. louis. some of the mild temperatures that you see down across the south will be moving off toward the east and northeast. chill tries to return to the northern plains friday. we'll see temperatures today in the 40s. tomorrow in the 50s. by saturday here come the 60s around here. low 60s. the arctic air, the cold stuff, that's going back in the northern
with plenty of space between the cars a. great ride from college park towards bethesda. also it's going to be an easy enough ride as you make your way coming up from virginia. take a look at 395 through alexandria right around duke street. you're going to find it's a lot lighter than what we're used to seeing. if you're like me, have some later ands to run, you -- late errands to run, you should be able to without a whole lot of cars packing you in. so far so good in the early going. that is the latest check on timesaver traffic. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, liz. >>> the expense would definitely not make our daily deals list but if you need a hotel room for inauguration weekend, you may be in luck but not for long. debra alfarone takes a look at the high and the low of it. >> reporter: now that i have your attention, this hotel room and many others are apparently still available for inauguration weekend. people who run hotels are wondering where these people are. >> we have the best views in washington. >> reporter: not bad. back up to the big baller suite while w hotel general ma
temperatures to fall lower. 51 in rockville, bethesda, 46 already in gaithersburg, low 50s in vienna and fairfax, 53 college park, 52 bowie and 53 in waldorf. so colder but not for long. you'll need a cold tonight and sunglasses again tomorrow, a little milder friday and warmer over the weekend. that warmth will come at a cost, however. for tonight clear skies, colder, a one to two blanket night, lows 28 to 36, winds northwest at 10 and by morning mostly sunny and cold, yeah, coat required. bundle up the kids at bus stop, 20s and 30s to start. thankfully not much wind, winds out of the north at 10 and by afternoon mostly sunny and chilly, a little below average, highs 45 to 49 and winds east, southeast at 10. next three days our 9 weather alerts remain green which is good news, doesn't mean -- you still got to walk with a coat, chilly on thursday, 47. clouds come in friday, milder, 52, cannot rule out a seahawks but a pretty decent day and yes -- a shower, but a pretty decent day and yes, milder and warmer saturday with partly cloudy to sunny skies. a shower possible going into sunda
and coming around from bethesda as well on 495. let's go back to the maps. this time we're heading to the other side of the town on the beltway north of town. looking good from college park into silver spring. we'll take a live look southbound i-95 at route 212 coming in from baltimore down to the beltway, college park and into prince george's county as well. east side of town traffic is looking good. i'll be back in a few minutes at 5:10. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> looking at the fiscal cliff, well, the senate became entangled in one aspect of the federal debt problem thursday by debating a bill to allow the president to increase the debt ceiling without congressional approval. >> the republicans who initially brought the bill to the floor were not happy when it came to the changes that the democrats forced so they blocked it from moving forward. the president shared his views with a virginia family when it comes to the fiscal cliff and tax cuts that could happen. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill with more on that this morning. good morning, delia. >> reporter: goo
and are deployed, i mean now they are assigned to our military treatment facilities. at walter reed, bethesda, or um, down at bamc as far as brook and how are they doing, are they having, have they had opportunities to reintegrate with their families, have they had the right amount of dwell-time? and now they are back taking care of the same service members or guardsmen and reservists that they took care of in theater and they are still having all of the stresses as far as with their job and not necessarily had time to come down as far as being in theater. and that's who our families are going to. i mean, we're more likely, research has shown, in the civilian sector in this research that just came out with the, um, what'd you call it, medical surveillance monthly report showing basically that provider, i mean, you have gone in to see a provider, a healthcare provider, you know, within the first 30 or 60 days before you've either attempted or, or um, actually completed suicide. so, as we are looking at that particular piece, we need to make sure that our providers are healthy, so that when we
around the world. >> that's why an 89-year-old veteran, one week removed from bethesda naval hospital comes back to the senate on an early december day because it matters. >> reporter: matters to people like disabled veteran, dan, who lost both legs in afghanistan. >> only by voting in favor of the disanlt isabilities treaty truly honoring the sacrifice of those disabled. >> reporter: advocates say the treaty would promote equal rights and better treatment for the disabled. inspired by u.s. law, the americans with s s with disabi. >> i come to the floor with a bit of a heavy heart. all right like john, john kerry and john mccain are combat veterans who aspired to the white house. dole's own party failed him. five republican votes short of the 66 needed. conservatives say countries like china with a poor human human rights record would get a pass. >> what it does do is allow their leaders to falsely present themselves as forward leaning on disabled rights. >> no. >> reporter: and for some no votes, politics. the risk of a gop primary challenge got in the way. >> to vote for anything t
, do want to mention if you are heading down through bethesda, 355, rockville pike, southbound, they are still working on a water main break there. right now, very light volume but that is a highly traveled area. be aware of that. head over to virginia, the approach to the 14th street bridge real good right now. no problems to report with light volume and we'll continue over to prince george's county, the beltway over at 201. all your travel lanes are open. no accidents or incidents to report. let's hope it says that way for the remainder of your friday. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> in the developing fiscal cliff stalemate, president obama is holding a summit at the white house with congressional leaders later on today. >> so far, republicans have rejected any new taxes even those proposed by house speaker john boehner on people earning over a million dollars. the senate is in session on capitol hill and house speerk barren has called lawmakers back into session sunday night at 6:30. that only leaves just over 24 hours to come up with a deal. republican and
on split oak drive in bethesda. things have calmed down after that windy start, but it's another cold night out there. here's chief meteorologist doug camera. >> i think tonight will be the coldest night we have seen so far this winter as temperatures are in the 20s inside the metro area. some of you will wake up to temperatures in the teens. currently at 32 degrees. winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour. take a look at that windchill. 25 degrees right now. it is a very chilly evening. take a look at the wind chills around the region. 19 currently in manassas. and 17 in gaithersburg. not a lot going on as far as the satellite and radar are concerned. but there is one little storm, that coming just in time for new year's day. >>> an emotional day at battlefield high school in haymarket. xavier springfellow played football at battlefield and was a rising star at a local college. darcy spencer talked to his girlfriend who is trying to cope with the loss. >> reporter: sarah is the girlfriend of murder victim xavier stringfellow. she can barely speak as she talks about her high school sweet
've proven over the last several games, unstoppable. we want to go back out to bethesda. i think we have ko im with the fans. what is the atmosphere like? >> reporter: sorry, kristen, it was really loud earlier. everyone is stable in very celeb celebratory mood. you say ear a big rgiii fan but how did he play? >> alfred morris stole the show. >> reporter: you guys all sang "hail to the redskins" every time there was a touchdown. how awesome was that? >> it was beautiful. >> reporter: back to kristen. >> all right, ko, thanks so much. we want to head back out to fedexfield. we've got the rookie, alfred morris. >> reporter: what happened that was making the run game so effective? >> i'm not really sure. i think they were bringing a lot of pressure, trying to disguise it. we were able to find creases. their over-aggressiveness. it just worked out perfectly. >> reporter: with rgiii, looked like he was kind of hobbling a little bit, did you feel like you were going to have to carry this team, or you were going to to have really step up? >> i knew to win it was going to be the ground attack. i ca
a cool start. 28 in bethesda. these are the actual air temperatures. a little bit of breeze from the southwest. overcast skies, we are starting to see the cloud cover move on through. for your planning purposes here's what you need to know for the day. in the afternoon overcast skies completely with a high of 44 for reagan national. dress accordingly, it is going to be a very, very chilly day. just a transition for us with the cool air. the increasing clouds looks like we are in for a dry celebration top and new year's day will feature a mix of we want try precipitation. we are sitting in the 30s and 20s, it is feeling like the lower 20s for most of us. overall the craft outlook for the next seven days, not too bad. 44 today about as warm as it gets for the next stretch. tomorrow a mix of wet snowflakes early in the morning, late in the evening. no accumulation expected. what happens though wednesday through friday, overnight lows dip down in the 20s. >>> olga the big traffic story of the morning is no longer a traffic story thankfully. everything open on 28. from the early morni
to find them. >> bethesda woman trying to donate christmas toys to children in need is having a tough time doing it. she says the first time she bought toys they were stolen from her apartment building. she rebought the toys. no one will peck them ick them . she would deliver them, she has multiple sclerosis. >> please, come take them. i would look them to go to poor children the i would look them to go to children that would have nothing. >> the toys are stored in the lobby of her apartment building. she says they need to be picked up in the next few days or her management company will get rid of them. >> popular photo sharing network instagram is backtracking on a photo policy. the language of the policy unveiled yesterday, suggested that the site could take your photographs and use them in advertising without either telling you about it or paying you for it. the co-founder says that was never the intention. there will be a new revised policy to better explain how instagram plans to display ads and user photos. facebook bought instagram in august. >> started out as a simple idea to honor
. it will work. dinner is going to be great. >> reporter: in bethesda, surae chinn, 9news. >>> dozens of homeless people in our region received a gourmet breakfast on sunday. they also received warm winter coats, bags of socks, gloves and other cold weather necessities. the event took place at the fourth street adventist day northwest. the church would hand out gloves, toiletries to homeless men but that grew into a bigger holiday project for parrishers. >>> as you heard, the redskins won. that wonthat means they're one win away from being nfc division champs. robert griffin iii threw two touchdown passes and finished with 198 years -- 198 yards in his first game back from an injury. the redskins held on to beat the eagles 27-20 sunday for their sixth straight win. if the skins win next sunday against dallas, they'll win the division for the first time since 1999. >>> our time is 4:37. the stock market is just days away from ending another positive year. but the fiscal cliff could send the economy into a tailspin. it appears to already be affecting consumer spending and some of the country's most
, the redskins won. >> it will go. it will work. dinner's going to be great. >> reporter: in bethesda, surae chinn, 9 news. >>> christmas came early for dozens of homeless people in the area today. they were treated to a gourmet breakfast and warm winter coats, bags of socks, gloves and other cold weather necessities. today's event took place at the fourth street 7th day adventist church in northwest. she got the idea while teaching a bible class. >> and every sunday we would come by, we would see all these men standing outside. we would speak to them and they would say pray for us. and we would say, well, we invite you to our church, but they never would. i went back to the class, and i said we need to do something tangible. let's give them something for christmas. and when we leave here, it's not all over. all we don't give out here, we go to the park at, what is it, and we give it out there. >> thank you, ms. johnson. she says the class started by handing out gloves, toiletries and apples to homeless men gathered near her church. later the entire church stepped in to help fund the bigger
especially north and west of town. temps in the 30s, 30s in bethesda, 34 in gaithersburg and great falls, 37 in fairfax and college park and already 33 in andrews and 32 in bowie. now unsettled but milder, clouds return tonight, a wet morning commute late tomorrow, especially north and west of town, hagerstown west and certainly in the mountains it will be a wet commute. milder friday, warmer over the weekend, although i just peeked at some new information. i may have to lower temperatures sunday. in the meantime here's our futurecast. 8:00 tomorrow light activity up 270, light activity out to the west, out route 7 or 50 toward leesburg. we'll put this back into motion. by 11:00 some showers gaithersburg north. notice it's all green, so it's all light activity. it's not exactly an intense system. the clouds hang tough pretty much all day. that's 2:00 on friday, even getting into the evening another round of showers possible towards gaithersburg and leesburg, but everything is generally light. so for tonight increasing cloudiness, not as cold, a one to two blanket night, low temperatures in t
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